Zone 4
Four friends engage in in-depth comic related discussion and all around good, fun conversation focused on the world of comics.

The crew returns - minus John, who was MIA* - for the last episode of 2013 as they each highlight the best comics, TV shows, movies and more for the year in their opinion.

Then it's on to a single Facebook Shout-Out, followed by some headlines "from the cutting room floor" as they are all film related.

After that, it's Topic Time with Mark Waid's Green Hornet #8.

And then to wrap it all up, some plugs and one final tease for the 250th!

*John, we learned later, was very, very sick. He's better now.

Thank you ALL for all your support throughout the year and the years before!

(Original Numbering: Episode #249)

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This Week's Links and Topics

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Direct & Star in Sandman

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trailer

Emilia Clarke is Sarah Conner

Airship 27 Entertainment

Fight Card: Sherlock Holmes

Chicago Nerd Social Club

Chicago Doctor Who Meetup

BBC Home Entertainment

Dark Avenger INC


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