Zone 4
Four friends engage in in-depth comic related discussion and all around good, fun conversation focused on the world of comics.

It's a special audio version of 1-2-3 Podcast as Brant provides commentary over the end of RAW and Smackdown leading up to this Sunday's Royal Rumble event. He also shares his predictions for the Royal Rumble.

If you'd like to see the video versions of these episodes, check them out here: 

And tune into Sunday for live commentary over the Royal Rumble! 

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The crew returns for a brand new episode of your favorite comic discussion podcast, Zone 4!

We talk the Logan trailer, Secret Empire, comic conventions, and more.

Then we speculate about the 2017 slate of comic and genre films, promising to do a follow-up episode at the end of the year!

So what are you waiting for? Let's enter the Zone!

(Original Numbering: Episode #328)

Where Love Takes You

Comanche Blood 

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Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis return to the skies with a brand new episode of the Airship 27 Podcast!

This episode, they discuss their first release of 2017, Comanche Blood, updates on the Brother Bones movie (locations, casting and more!), their latest Sherlock Holmes volume on Radio Archives and more!

Plus, they spend a bulk of the episode answering listener questions before closing out the show!

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