Zone 4
Four friends engage in in-depth comic related discussion and all around good, fun conversation focused on the world of comics.

Brant, John, and Chuck Kennedy are joined by Mike Luoma to talk some headlines (mainly the Gem Awards and Apple's new iPad), and to discuss ratings on comics and censorship. Plus, Mike tells us about some of his upcoming projects, as does Chuck, and an update about the Zonies, the Zone 4 Awards show.

(Original Numbering: Episode #45)

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Zone 4 #49: Headlines & Reboots

Brant, John, and Chuck Moore discuss headlines from the past week, including comic, television and movie news, as well as discuss the merits and faults of reboots in movies and comics. We also plug some stuff and talk about the upcoming convention season, our weekend, and William Shatner.

(Original Number: Episode 44)

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Zone 4 #48: Spider-Man 4 Reboot

Brant, John, Chuck K. and special guest BJay from Studio Akumakaze talk in depth about some recent headlines, primarily the Spider-Man 4 reboot and the announcements involving the next big DC event, Brightest Day. We also chat about comic movies in general, and general Marvel and DC stuff as well.

(Original Number: Episode 43)

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Zone 4 #47: Siege, Wizard & More

Brant, John, Chuck K. and Chuck M. return this week talking some headlines, which leads us into discussions on various topics, including Siege, Wizard conventions, the status of the Big Two, marketing strategies and more! PLUS we unveil something cool coming up in a few weeks that should be very exciting!

(Original Number: Episode 42)

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Zone 4 #46: Bill Gladman Rant

Brant, John, Chuck K. and special guest Bill Gladman rant on before and after episode 41 in these extras that were just too long to make the episode. Enjoy!

(Original Number: Episode 41 Extras)

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Zone 4 #45: Best & Worst of 2009

Brant, John, Chuck K. and special guest Bill Gladman get together for the first show of 2010 to discuss headlines, the best and worst of 2009, our 2010 wish lists, and our 2010 creative goals. It's a long one, but a good one to start your year off right with your favorite zany round table comic talking crew!

(Original Number: Episode 41)

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