Zone 4
Four friends engage in in-depth comic related discussion and all around good, fun conversation focused on the world of comics.

Brant escapes Limbo and makes it back to the Zone as he, Ron and John welcome Rob Davis onto the show. The four discuss the Windy City Pulp & Paper Convention and all things pulp.

(Original Numbering: Episode #110)

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It's a RaynMan invasion! Bill Gladman takes over Zone 4 from Limbo as he and Brant discuss Frank's supposed death and return and talk comic movies, fan casting and more.

(Original Numbering: Episode #109)

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The crew discusses comics in the 1990s, from Age of Apocalypse, to Ben Reilly and more.

(Original Numbering: Episode #108)

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Zone 4 presents a special announcement about The Great Allentown Comic Con, followed by an extended outtake from last week's episode. Listen behind the scenes as the guys try to decide what to talk about while simultaneously watching the below Green Lantern footage!

Join us back here on Friday as Bill Gladman joins us to talk the 90s comics boom!

(Original Numbering: The Great Allentown Comic Con Extra)

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We discuss the previews of the upcoming Green Lantern movie.

(Original Numbering: Episode #107)

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Dustin Carson and Decapitated Dan talk about SPACE and C2E2.

(Original Numbering: Episode #106)

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