Zone 4
Four friends engage in in-depth comic related discussion and all around good, fun conversation focused on the world of comics.

Brant, John, Ron and guests record live from the show floor of the 2015 Derby City Comic Con!

They talk about Airship 27, Last Ember Press, the show, and much more!

(Original Numbering: Episode #310)

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It's a short crew this episode, as Brant and Chris chat about various comic related topics, including TMNT, Ghostbusters, Superman, and more! They also talk about the debut of Last Ember Press at this weekend's Derby City Comic Con!

(Original Numbering: Episode #309)

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Zone 4 Presents another episode of the brand new podcast focusing on the world of Pulp as Zone 4's own Captain Ron Fortier, and Chief Engineer Rob Davis come together in the debut of this brand new podcast to discuss all things New Pulp, and the latest offerings from Airship 27 Productions!


Strap yourselves in for a trip through the skies as Ron and Rob take you on a journey through the classics and new classics in this Zone 4 spinoff podcast. The guys talk the latest Airship 27 updates, Derby City Comic Con, top pulp movies, and more!

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