Zone 4
Four friends engage in in-depth comic related discussion and all around good, fun conversation focused on the world of comics.

The crew returns as Ron is back and Brant is missing. And they talk all about that. There's even a contest Ron institutes!

The Captain then talks a little about Dynamite's pulp-themed comics to get the show kicked off before heading into several headlines.

The topic this week is "What Makes a Good Story" as each of the guys talk about a favorite comic story of theirs and explains why that particular story is good.

Plus, Facebook Shout-Outs, plugs and more!

(Original Numbering: Episode #223)

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This Week's Links and Topics

Captain Midnight in Modern Times

David Goyer Tells DC to do the Opposite of Marvel Films

RDJ Signs on for Avengers 2 and 3

Locke and Key Gets Picked Up by Universal

Didio Blames Social Media for DC's Chaotic Appearance

Terminator: The Burning Earth TPB to be Reprinted

Mark Waid Feels Cold Toward MAN OF STEEL

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